Engagements via Toptal And Braintrust

Both Toptal and Braintrust are exclusive networks of the top software engineers, designers, product managers, and project managers. These networks only accept the best of the best (only 3% of their applicants).  BIG's numerous engagements have included national and international brands across industries in healthcare, travel, CPG and more for software product strategy and product management. Examples include implementation of low-no code AI/ML development platform, zero trust security and developer self-service enablement platforms; D2C eCommerce for one of the largest international beverage and snack food mega-brands; DevOps workshops and GitOps implementation across distributed teams; market research; advising engagements.


A leader in the Short Term Rental analytics space, AirDNA provides insights on Region, Market, and Neighborhood price performance and recommendations for Airbnb, Vrbo, and Booking.com hosts to make better decisions for their short term rentals.  BIG provided strategic product portfolio and roadmap for their Enterprise data product offerings, pricing model changes, churn reduction, and streamlined product management practices

SDx Central

This small media startup leads with the quality of it's content and is winning audience by leaps and bounds.  We helped define their strategic product planning process and development team's process to create a robust, stakeholder involved process built to adapt and scale as their audience grows


Refined this eCommerce pioneer's product management processes as well as provided hands on product management for their upgrade/downgrade API, multi-item cart capability, cart customization for improved conversion and brand support plus many more elements.

The Denver Post

Lead project and program management for the implementation and integration of DP's converged content management system, driving all of their products.  Also oversaw the redesign of the products that the system served including their print, web, mobile and native app products.

Genesis Website - About page

Genesis, Inc

Legendary brand, strategy and communications agency, Genesis, wanted to build an interactive practice without introducing the existential risk of hiring expensive resources per project.  Working together we found a strategy and developed internal expertise that filled their need. We also applied this approach with major national and international brand clients.