Working in collaboration with the CEO and leadership team, the fractional CPO focuses on building robust product management practices and the growing the team, establishing strategy, filling the gaps and assuring alignment of customer needs, value delivery and business viability. Your challenges, strategies and goals are unique and we help you get everyone rowing in the same direction. These often start as Advisory engagements to lay the foundations of success, but can evolve to longer term engagements that provide the tools, methods and understanding to go from ideation through execution and delivery.


Meaningfully defining your purpose, mission, vision and values is the first step of your success. If you don’t know the change you want to make in the world, how will you know if you’ve made it? And how will anyone on your team know what to do to make the idea a reality? Only once you’ve defined them can your strategy can be defined, goals established and performance metrics identified. Through dedicated workshop sessions and exercises with your leadership team, we can help shape these critical elements. We then put them to use in defining goals, strategy and planning. We can then continue further to initiatives, roadmaps, delivery plans, execution, go-to-market, positioning and incremental improvement.


Every product manager comes from a different background and with a different set of skills. Many brand new product managers may have extensive domain knowledge but aren’t sure how to make the best use of it. We can engage with your teams to fill the gaps and establish a solid foundation of the basics of Product Management including market analysis, persona definition, problem discovery, breakdown of jobs to be done, roadmap definition, prioritization frameworks, execution/delivery, Go-to-market and evaluation of value delivery.


Establishing a reliable and repeatable product process is crucial to scaling. The sooner your team can adopt a disciplined approach to Product Delivery, the sooner you can achieve remarkable growth and success. Also a methodical innovation process, whether incremental, disruptive or an entirely new line of business… market analysis, problem discovery, Ideation/solutioning and business model validation are all


Accidentally started a business: Now what

Some of the most successful businesses are ones that just kind of happened.  They created a great product because they had a need and all the sudden everyone wanted some of what they had.  It turned into a business but now what… we have helped many organizations figure out their future and how to get there.

There are a lot of ways to build a product and run a business. Having an experienced partner like BIG, inc will help you build the systems, strategies and tools to understand the choices and tradeoffs you have available and how they will likely impact your business, your risks and maybe some missed opportunities.


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